Travel Twitch is a Montenegro-based agency. We are driven by a personal desire to travel, explore, and immerse ourselves in Mediterranean culture. Our roots are set in Montenegro, making the local experience a personal one. We have explored the Mediterranean coast, combining the most attractive and beautiful parts of each country into a unique experience. We bring that experience to you.

Miles of rivers and altitudes. Undiscovered paths, canyons, and bicycle tracks. With a plethora of natural resources, this country offers a variety of adventure tour opportunities. One morning you could be cycling around the bay, then diving around shipwrecks by the afternoon. Or possibly you will be visiting baroque palaces, while hiking high altitudes the next. Whatever your thirst for adventure, Montenegro is your one-stop shop to quench that need. Travel Twitch brings you a unique experience based on your interest and your time availability. Whether Montenegro is a quick stop on a larger tour of the world or if it is the final destination for several days, we have tailored adventure experiences that will suit your needs and personality.

Spend time learning and discovering the coast of Croatia and Montenegro. Each country has many experiences that will entice you, and we have picked the ones that will carve a unique memory. Lands of olive oil and goats on rocky hills. Locals with stories beyond knowledge and with welcoming hearts. Multiple old towns serve as testimonials of time and pillars of endurance. The Greeks, Romans, Slavs, Turks, and many more groups have left traces of their culture in this chunk of the Mediterranean. With a seven-day stay in each country, you’ll immerse yourself in the culture of that unique destination. You will experience the food, drink, history, and mesmerizing turquoise sights at each location. Our professional guides have spent years learning every detail about their country so they can paint an all-encompassing portrait to their visitors. Your experience will be nothing like you have ever had before.